20 Nama Alat Tulis Dalam Bahasa Inggris

2 min read Jun 10, 2024
20 Nama Alat Tulis Dalam Bahasa Inggris

20 Stationery Items in English

Here are 20 common stationery items in English:

Writing Tools:

  1. Pen: A writing instrument that uses ink to mark on paper.
  2. Pencil: A writing instrument that uses a graphite core to mark on paper.
  3. Marker: A writing instrument that uses a permanent ink.
  4. Highlighter: A marker that uses a fluorescent ink to highlight text.
  5. Eraser: A tool used to remove marks made with a pencil or pen.
  6. Sharpener: A tool used to sharpen pencils.
  7. Ruler: A tool used to measure length and draw straight lines.
  8. Protractor: A tool used to measure angles.
  9. Compass: A tool used to draw circles and arcs.

Paper and Other Materials:

  1. Paper: A thin material made from cellulose fibers, used for writing, drawing, and printing.
  2. Notebook: A bound collection of paper sheets for writing or drawing.
  3. Binder: A device that holds loose papers together.
  4. Folder: A flat container for holding loose papers.
  5. Envelope: A sealed container for holding letters and documents.
  6. Stapler: A tool used to fasten papers together.
  7. Paperclips: A metal fastener used to hold papers together.
  8. Sticky notes: Small pieces of paper with adhesive backing, used for reminders and notes.
  9. Tape: A sticky material used to attach papers or objects.
  10. Scissors: A tool used to cut paper and other materials.
  11. Glue: A sticky substance used to attach objects together.