15 Peralatan Kantor Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya

3 min read Jun 10, 2024
15 Peralatan Kantor Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya

15 Office Supplies and their Meanings

Here's a list of 15 common office supplies and their meanings:

1. Binder

A binder is a folder with a mechanism to hold papers together, usually using a clip, ring, or screw posts.

2. Stapler

A stapler is a device that joins sheets of paper together by driving staples through them.

3. Paperclips

Paperclips are small, metal clips used to temporarily hold sheets of paper together.

4. Folders

Folders are flat containers used for organizing and storing papers.

5. Pens

Pens are writing instruments that use ink to mark paper.

6. Pencils

Pencils are writing instruments that use graphite to mark paper.

7. Erasers

Erasers are used to remove markings made with pencils or pens.

8. Highlighter

A highlighter is a pen that uses a bright color to mark important text.

9. Scissors

Scissors are handheld tools used for cutting paper, fabric, and other materials.

10. Tape dispenser

A tape dispenser is a device used to apply adhesive tape to surfaces.

11. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are small, self-adhesive pieces of paper used for reminders and messages.

12. Calculator

A calculator is an electronic device used for performing mathematical calculations.

13. Desk lamp

A desk lamp is a lamp designed for providing light to a desk or work area.

14. Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a smooth, white board used for writing with markers and erasing with a cloth.

15. File cabinet

A file cabinet is a piece of furniture with drawers used for storing files and documents.

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